Easier Registration & Identification.

As identification now is a must for registration of phone numbers, to streamline the whole process for identification and registration enables employees to deal with more customer requests. However, it takes quite a long time for the employees to handle repetitive paper-based works, and therefore the work efficiency is lowered down.

Huion is ready to help.

Huion E-signing tablet can not only be used to complete the authorization process and accelerate the way customers signn their names, but also be equipped with a camera for facial recognition and identification, which will effectively reduce the time needed for customers to register a new phone number.

Improve the Work Efficiency
to Provide Better Services

Workflow at service hall needs to be streamilined.

Customers who would like to register new SIM cards are requested to fill in a couple of forms and have a photoshoot of their face to complete the registration, which is quite time consuming and takes extra labor, time and space for employees to handle all these paper-based documents.

Huion solutions help to build a smart service hall.

Huion E-signing display DS1030 designed for the telecommunication industry enables staff and customers at the service hall to complete the registrantion in a digitized way. Besides an ID card reader that is available to verify the ID, the portrait camera and the document camera enable DS1030 to be used for photoshoot of face and scanning of documents, which ensures higher security and work efficiency. In addition, agreements signed by customers will be automatically uploaded and archived to the central system, which will help decrease the consumption of paper as well as simplify the whole process of the registration.