To provide better services is always the trending.

As smart city is a trending all over the world, to digitize and level up services in the cities have become increasingly important especially for industries like hospitality and tourism. Tourists are always expecting to have their check-in or any other procedures alike done as quickly as possible, and therefore, to simplify these procedures will be of great help for the spread of a favorable word of mouth.

Huion is ready to help.

E-signing pads developed based on the electromagnetic resonance technology by Huion can be used to streamline check-in procedures and many other registration services. Years of experience accumulated in the field of reproducing original handwritings ensures a lifelike pen-on-paper writing experience. With SDK to be developed and installed on the computer, the function of Huion E-signing pad will be maximized to meet various kinds of requirements.

Fast Check-in with Huion

To be more considerate for customers.

Besides location, furniture, food and many other visible factors, invisible factors like services and etiquette of staff also play an important role in the overall performance of a hotel. Consequently, to provide customer-oriented services will critically improve the customer experience at the hotel. As is known to all, customers should feel tired after long hours of flight or whatever transportation they may have taken, and what they are expecting most must be taking a shower and lying on a comfortable bed. However, the check-in process at most hotels around the world tend to be time-consuming and is lack of efficiency, which may cause complaints from the customers, or at least, a barely satisfactory travel experience.

Huion enables customers to relax themselves earlier.

Huion E-signing display supports many kinds of check-in systems applied in hotels located in different regions of the world, which enables customers to check in faster via writing their basic information and signature directly on the screen, and can enjoy a warm shower and sleep in a soft bed without waiting for a long time completing the check-in process.