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It takes about 4 pieces of A4 paper each case to complete different kinds of forms for application of passports, identity cards and many other licenses. Moreover, more paper will be needed for documents of specific purposes. The whole process requires the staff to print and then handover the paper to the citizens, after which the staff should retrieve the paper for scanning and then have the scanned version archived digitally. On the other side, citizens may be required to sign their names a couple of times, which is also quite time wasting.

Huion is ready to help.

Huion solutions enable public sectors to optimize their workflows and have their work conducted in a paperless way. Huion E-signing tablets and displays of different sizes are available to bring the staff and citizens more convenience.

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No more signature mistake on the passport.

It is mandatory for a signature to be included in the passport if the applicant is ten years old or older and is able to sign. The signature in the passport helps to protect the identity security. However, in most of the cases, applicants are required to sign their names on the paper application form first, which later will be copied to the passport and is a little bit inconvenient and a waste of paper if the applicant would like to re-sign the name.

Authentic signature enabled digitally.

Huion E-signing pad will be of great help for applicants to create an ideal signature as they wish and at the same time, reduce the consumption of paper at the relevant government department.Based on the original handwriting reproducing technology, characters input directly via the digital pen can be rendered as different shapes as the pressure applied changes, which ensures an organic and authentic digital signature.

Process for marriage registration should be simplified.

For situations in most regions on the world, people who are ready to get married should fill in an application form first and then bring all kinds of proof that verifies their identities, address and other information, while scanned versions of documents may be requested in some of the regions. Finally, taking a photo of the new couple should be the last step to complete the whole process before the certificates are received. Though the new couple tend to solemnize every step to register theri marriage, all kinds of document printing and scanning should be done in a more time-efficient way.

Getting married soon.

With the help of Huion E-signing display DS1031, the application form can be filled in on site by writing directly on the display, without the need to printing forms on the paper. What's more, all forms completed will be synchronized and stored in a dedicated server for archive. In addition, DS1031 can be equipped with a camera, which can be used for scanning of documents as well as taking photos of the couple. In this way, the whole process of registration can be accelerated, with consumption of both paper and time minimized.