Ongoing Revolution in Education

The arrival of digital age has brought tremendous changes to our life, including the ways we learn and teach.However, nowadays only a projector to display slides in a classroom can no longer meet the request for a individual-oriented and more productive class.Consequently, solutions to cultivating a more engaging atmosphere for students is a necessity for both students and schools to maintain their competitiveness.

Huion is ready to help.

Huion solutions realize a more productive class with self-developed devices that support real-time reproducing of original handwritten strokes. In this way, both students and teachers can comment or illustrate their ideas on the screen, which can not only be used for distance education, but also help to cultivate a more engaging class.

Progress with Huion

A4 Note-taking Tablet makes students' efforts visible and traceable.

Doing exercises during the class and taking exams periodically are critical for students to revise and reinforce knowledges they have learnt. However, student who fails to communicate and raise questions to his/her teacher may be left behind with respect to the learning process, as there are so many unsolved problems in their mind that set them back from any progress.
And now, with the help of solution provided by Huion that features A4 note-taking tablet, the whole process that students are doing exercises will be synchronized to the screen in front of the teacher, and therefore the teacher can easily find out the troubles that each student come across, and then give the specific guidelines to the students accordingly.

Kamvas Hub enables more interaction.

Besides A4 note-taking tablet, the smart interactive touch screen Kamvas Hub developed by Huion can also be used to improve the outcome of the class. Kamvas Hub that is responsive to both electromagnetic and infrared touch signal can even support multi-point touch control, which allows several students to write down their answers on the screen simultaneously. In addition, more interaction between teachers and students can be realized on the screen, as Kamvas Hub can be used to pan and zoom the map or turn the virtual globe in the geography class, illustrate all kinds of graphs and coordinates in the maths class and play games designed specifically for different subjects.

Bluetooth Mesh Networking & Real-time Synchronization.

Smart classroom equipped with Huion A4 note-taking tablet enables the establishment of a bluetooth mesh networking, which supports a maximum of 60 devices to work at the same time. With the help of the solution, teachers can invigilate the exam more effectively sitting in front of the screen, without walking around in the classroom and bringing too much mental pressure on the students.Both students and teachers can use the tablet to illustrate their ideas and have them synchronized on the screen in real-time manners, without changing the way they used to write on the paper. Besides, compared with the WiFi network, the bluetooth mesh networking has the following advantages:
  • More Convenient. The bluetooth mesh networking is easy-to-establish, without constraint by locations, which is much more convenient than the WiFi network;
  • Lower Energy Consumption. 20mA energy consumption of a running bluetooth mesh networking is much lower than 50mA of the operable WiFi network;
  • Higher Security. Bluetooth mesh networking tends to be more secure than WiFi network, as the former requests a pairing code to complete the identification and thereby enable the connection, while the latter only requests a password for access, which is easy to decode.
  • Anti-interruption. Bluetooth mesh networking boasts better anti-interruption capability than WiFi network, which allows for works under unfavorable conditions.
  • Less Radiation. Bluetooth mesh networking generates less and milder of radiation.

Lack of effective interaction undercuts the outcome of education.

It tends to be more complicated for teachers to attract the attention of the students when it comes to online tutoring or distance education, where a lack of effective interaction constitutes some part of the reason.Besides, verbal explainations only may not effectively do the work when teachers are explaining some ideas or concepts that are difficult to understand. Then how about illustrating the ideas on the paper? It is quite inconvenient to write them down on the paper first, and then take a picture of it and share. What even worse is that when there happens to be some mistakes in the writing, the teacher should do the work all over again, which indeed is a waste of time and the students may be distracted during the process.

Huion solution helps to bridge the interaction.

However, with the help of Huion solutions specifically designed for distance education, both students and teachers can have their ideas clearly illustrated via easy access, Huion pen tablet Inspiroy H640P, which will bring advantages to online education as below:
  • H640P is easy to set up, and it can power your illustration as long as it is connected to your computer where a driver is installed;
  • H640P is developed based on the electromagnetic resonance technology, which supports the input of original handwriting to be authentically reproduced on the screen in real-time manners;
  • With the help of the Internet, what is illustrated down your pen will be synchronized to both screens of the teacher and student;
  • All handwritings created on the screen can be erase and correct within seconds as you wish.