• Customize Electromagnetic Module
  • Customize E-signing Tablet
  • Customize Pen Tablet for Education
  • Customize Graphics Tablet for Drawing
  • Customize All-in-one PC/Touch Screen

To Save the Green for Our World

Huion Self-developed Electromagnetic Resonance Technology
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Application in Industries

Huion technology has brought undeniable convenience to various industries, with customer's productivity improved, consumption of paper reduced and budget to be spent in a more reasonable way.
  • Huion for Hospitality & Tourism

    To be professional and time-efficient contribute to favorable customer experience. See how Huion joins hands with hotels and resorts to render undeniable services by E-signing tablets.
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  • Huion for Financial Services

    Security should take the priority when it comes to financial issues. Huion E-signing tablets ensures the security of customers' signature without compromising its authenticity.
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  • Huion for Telecommunication

    Huion E-signing tablet reduces consumption of paper in the telecommunication industry, where there used to be a bulk of paper consumed for customer registration.
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  • Huion for Medical Care

    Huion technology not only enables quick authentification of personal medical records, but also accelerates the procedure that patients have their cases registered.
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  • Huion for Government

    E-signing tablet provided by Huion streamlines the workflow in different government sectors, which will improve the work efficiency of the staffs as well as provide better services to the citizens.
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  • Huion for Education

    Huion powers modern education and improves its productivity by providing various kinds of digital tools that support real-time reproducing of handwriting input.
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